The Beauty of Life

The Beauty of Life
by Rev. Gil Olmstead, Spiritual Director

Prayer:  The beauty of Life is everywhere present. Life is everywhere present. This Life is the essence of all creation. It is my essence, it is your essence, it is the essence of the clouds, the water fall, every beast and fowl of the earth, and every unknown of the Universe. All is the one Life expressed in form. 

My life, being of this essence, is one with this Life. Each of us and all that we see is one with this Life. There is only the one always and forever revealing Itself in new and brilliant ways.

I know, then, that every moment is a revelation of this one Life. The dawn of each day is literally a new beginning of possibility even as each moment dawns with renewed possibility. I know that my life is renewed in every moment. There is nothing to be fixed, only Life to be revealed. I am new each moment. 

How grateful I am to recognize the unending renewal of Life as it unfolds each day. Beyond what I can imagine, I am grateful. I release this truth into the law of Life from which it has made itself known, trusting in it’s fulfillment.

And so It is. Amen.