The Beauty of this Day

Alejandro Sifuentes Outreach Practitioner

The Beauty of this Day
by Alejandro Sifuentes
Outreach Practitioner
San Antonio, TX

I know that the Beauty of this Day is the demonstration of the Love of God. As I wake up to the silence of the Presence that Is God, my excitement anticipates this growing Essence in me that Is the Presence. I speak my word right now and as I see the Splendor and Beauty of this moment. I know that there is only One God one Power; it Is LOVE. I feel this Pulsation in the power of my Word and breath, for I know I am One. I know that this glorious day is a celebration of Unity for All people.

Today together we give Thanks as we share are One common Essence that is the One of the One that we all are. I declare and know that Peace and Love are shared in conversation and through the food and bounty we share. I give thanks for the variety and expressions of all cultures. For I know that this uniqueness is the spice and flavor that inspires and fulfills our needs as we get to know each other. I know that in all households everywhere we witness and hold space for the unfoldment of the Intimacy and Vulnerability as all are heard and seen. I know that nourishment of food is a vehicle for the mana and vitality of the Prana that is God in all its Substance. And It’s Multiplicity is a United Love and It is recognized in ourselves and others. Peace is the experience of this day as all walk and talk in Peace.

I know that this is the Truth. I am Grateful for this. I am Grateful to speak in the understanding and experience of Love and all its Power. Thank God. Thank you, Spirit. I release these Words into the Law and I allow it to be and so it is. Amen