The Cause of Unity

The Cause of Unity
by Christine Duvall, RScP

Love is the cause of unity in all things.  Aristotle
Sin is unskillful living. Rev. Dr. Kathy Hearn via Rev. Kamatara Johnson
It is time for us to take responsibility for our emotions. Dali Lama

I center myself in Love, the Cause of Unity. Unity is the flow of the Creator, the Created and Aliveness. Within that Seamless Self, there is no fight. There is only the Inner Ease of the vine expressing the branch, the branch expressing the fruit, and the fruit giving life to anyone who will partake. I invoke the Cause of That Inner Peace, Its love, creativity, and aliveness.

I release mistaken beliefs that interfere with my inner peace: beliefs in lack, rejection, or that I was done wrong. I release associated anger, shame, and my need to control self-expression. I release anyone I’ve wronged from my unskillful thought, word, or deed. I declare I am and they are free in body, mind, and soul. 

I accept right belief in the Imminent Presence-Power-Intelligence that is my systemic health and sufficiency, my beloved-ness, and the unobstructed flow of my divine energy.  I accept right belief in That which causes me to see unspeakable beauty in all, pause for gracious guidance, and feel the deep love and joy arising and expressing.

As I make this exchange for myself, I do it for all who are willing.

I am grateful that God is the Sufficiency, Creativity, Inner Peace and Joy I AM. As I place this word into the inevitability of Spiritual Law, I am grateful that All Power-Presence-Intelligence is now manifesting goodness in, as, and through me and the world.  And, so it is.