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“The Christ” is a Universal Presence

“The Christ” is a Universal Presence
by Ernest Holmes, Founder of Religious Science (Centers for Spiritual Living) and an Author of many books, including the “Science of Mind”

Ernest Holmes

“Christ is the embodiment of divine Sonship which has come, with varying degrees of power, to all people in all ages and to every person in some degree. Christ is a Universal Presence. We do believe that in the unique personage of Jesus, this Christ was more fully orbed than in anyone of whom we have record. We do believe that in the person of Jesus more of God was manifest. We also believe that Christ comes alike to each and all. There is no one particular man predestined to become the Christ. We must understand the Christ is not a person, but a Principle. It was impossible for Jesus not to have become the Christ, as the human gave way to the Divine, as the man gave way to God, as the flesh gave way to Spirit, as the will of division gave way to the will of unity—Jesus the man became a living embodiment of the Christ.

“If we can look upon Jesus from this viewpoint, we shall be able to study his life as a living example. What is more inspiring than to contemplate the consciousness of a man who has the faith to stand in front of a paralyzed man and tell him to get up and walk, and to know very well that he is going to get up and walk; or to stand in front of the tomb of a dead man and tell him to come forth! Such an example as this is worth something, but if the whole performance were enacted in the mind of a man entirely unique and different from us, then it would mean no more to us than studying the biography of hundreds of other men. Fortunately, we do not have to contemplate Jesus as being “unique and different,” for the Bible makes it more than plain that he was a man like as we are.

“As the human gives way to the Divine, in all people, they become the Christ. In the case of Jesus, there was such a surrendering of an isolated will, that a greater incarnation of the Divine actually took place. The mystic Christ comes from the bosom of the Unseen Father, proclaiming the love of God through His own love of humanity.”

~Holmes, Ernest (1998-08-24). The Science of Mind: The Definitive Edition (pp. 359-360). Penguin Group. Kindle Edition.