Liza Kerr, RScP

The Circle of Protection

The Circle of Protection
by Liza Kerr, RScP

I draw around me a circle of love and protection. No harm can enter nor find place within that charmed circle of life and love, for it represents God’s Loving Care and Eternal Watchfulness. I will rest within me now, and I will speak comfort to my Soul and tell It of the wonders of Its life, safe from the din of strife and fear.

I am protected from On High
Science of Mind, pg. 530.

It is interesting (in the Chinese curse kind of way) to be the object of someone’s anger, and not be affected by it. You need to really believe and understand that the anger is about them, and not about you. When you watch and observe their drama unfolding and refuse to participate, it empowers you. When you realize that they are creating their own personal drama and trying to draw you in to make their life more exciting, it becomes easy to just step away. Say ‘no thanks’ not today. Today I choose to focus on my life instead. The anger is all in their head. It is all made up to create their very own personal drama.

Instead of reacting with anger you have the opportunity to find compassion in your heart for them. Anger is defined, not by the person initiating it, but by your response. Create a circle of love and protection and then pray for them.

This prayer is for anyone experiencing anger in their lives. This situation involves a business associate, but applies to all people and situations.

There is One God, and that God is perfect in every way. That God is Love, Compassion, Prosperity Abundance, Peace, Harmony, Safety, and Security. That God is the Creator of all things, I love my God. I embrace my God and reach deep inside of myself to connect with my God. I know there is no separation between me and God, for the innermost God and the outermost God are one and the same.

I speak My Word, and my Word is Law – that there is a peaceful resolution to our situation. I declare peace and harmony, knowing that each of us shares the same heart, the same mind. There is no separation. We are one and the same. I pray for compassion and understanding and a deep knowing that everything is all right. I surround them with a circle of love and protection, knowing that they cannot be harmed, for they are protected by the everlasting love of God. I surrender this situation to God, knowing that God is all powerful and will find a way to work this out.

I give thanks for the peaceful resolution of our differences, and for the best and highest good of all parties involved.

I release my Word to the Law of Mind, knowing it cannot come back to me void. And so it is.