Lovater Jones, RScP

The Creative Medium of Spirit

The Creative Medium of Spirit
By Lovater Jones, RScP

From the Science of Mind we are reminded “never look at that which you do not wish to experience.  No matter what the false condition may be, it must be refuted.”  “It is the consciousness back of the word that forms the word.  Consciousness means the inner embodiment of an idea through the recognition of Truth and a direct relationship to the Divine.”

With this in mind, I turn to Mind and affirm this Truth.

God is Divine Principle, Absolute and Supreme Cause, Wholeness, Changeless and is that Presence which Occupies All Space.  This Presence is Eternal Reality and Knows only Truth.

That, which occupy All Space is Whole, Divine and Changeless, is who I AM in expression.  It is my true essence as I have no life, separate and apart from that which I choose to call God.  For God’s Nature in Macrocosm is my nature in microcosm; we are inseparably One and the same.   What is true for me is absolutely and unequivocally true for the one whose eyes are right now trained on this prayer.  It is through the Spirit of God that the reader of this prayer sees all light and is illuminated by that Light.  You are the Beloved!

So, I speak from the Eternality of the Power and the Spirit of God in me and affirm that no matter what circumstance,  condition or disbelief that seeks to present itself to you this day, it nothing more than a splinter of wood in the wind, it has no ability to penetrate your consciousness.  I speak my word on your behalf with a conviction that is second to none, and declare that you are right now enfolded in unconditional Love.  I Invoke/Evoke the Power and Presence of God which does not comprehend failure, and call forth that which invades all space to lovingly guide you around anything that seeks to stand in the way of your progress.  I know that as you relax in this Loving Presence; all thought of fear or insecurity simply falls away, and is replace by a knowingness that the Spirit of God/Good is in you and in all of your affairs.  I refute all false belief about your health, supply, employment and companionship and affirm Good, as it pervades all facets of your daily existence.  God is Divine Goodness throughout all eternity and is yours to experience, right now.  As you open yourself to accept this gift given to you so freely, it floods your very being!

I give thanks and affirm that there is nothing in the Law or in the Spirit back of this Law that can deny the manifestation of this prayer and as, such the Law is right now set in motion.  I am so grateful for the manifestation of Truth.

I release this payer to The Creative Medium of Spirit, knowing that my word cannot return void, but must accomplish that whereunto it is sent, I declare it so, and allow it to be.

And so it is.