Greg Gardner, RScP

The Cycle of Life

The Cycle of Life
by Greg Gardner, RscP

As this day dawns and sweeps across the magnificence of the earth and this moment, I know that Spirit is in every moment and every spot on the planet and always is. I know that the light comes because it is ever present and wherever there is darkness, the light will come and bring warmth, comfort and abundant life.

I know too, that this cycle of life has hills and valleys, heat and cold, and ups and downs. And what I know deep in my heart is that this thing I call life is a magnificent opportunity for Creator to experience the peace, grace, compassion and Love that is manifesting in the world.

As the day sinks into the west and darkness approaches, I celebrate the day that is given to me and release it as I look forward with breathless anticipation the dawning of the new day.

With gratitude I release these words knowing with certainty they are accepted by a Universe that always answers my words with, “Yes my Beloved. Yes. Yes. Yes.”

And so it is! Amen