The Dynamic Energy of the Universe

Kamatara Johnson, RScP

The Dynamic Energy of the Universe
by Kamatara Johnson, RScP

I recognize the Power and Presence of the One Loving Source that is the Positive Force operating in all of life. God is this Sacred Essence expressing in Infinite Varieties and Limitless Possibilities. This is the Dynamic Energy of the Universe and It expresses in all things, all places, and all times. It is That which is and That which may be.

And so I am made of this consciousness, this Divine stuff. I have access to this Dynamic Energy and Limitless Possibility in my own expression and experience of life. This One Loving Source is in me, my thoughts, my words, my deeds, my relationships, and everywhere else in between and beyond.

In perfect alignment with this Positive Force, I welcome Divine Guidance and allow intuition and feelings to inform my being. I allow Spirit to direct me and allow my life to unfold in its own way. I relax into the sweet spot of gentle co-creation where nothing is forced but rather flows with power of its own accord. I open myself to the spaciousness of the Divine to hear, see, feel, and know what the next right step is for me. I release any attachments to outcomes, to planning, and to controlling what I think it should look like. I trust the Universe to support me. My livelihood, my dharma, and my joy are all one as I live from my authentic place of being.

I am so grateful for this shift in my perspective, for this opening to Spirit, and for allowing greater flow of power into my life. I appreciate all the bounty that manifests because of Spirit’s guidance and our conscious co-creation together. Spirit has me and all is well!

With complete confidence in the Law, I release this prayer knowing it is done and perfect as it is. Thank you Loving Source! And so it is.