The Electricity of Life

Nancy Bowers, RScP

The Electricity of Life
by Nancy Bowers, RScP

There is but One Life. This Life is God’s. It is the Power moving through everything. It is the Life Force. It is Energy. It is Love. It is Peace. It is Joy. It is the Electricity of Life. The Pulse of Everything. The Buzz that creates and supports and loves unabashedly. It is impersonal in that It does not discriminate against what you would create. It has no judgment about it. Its purpose is to be used for Good, because it is Good. It is AWESOME. It is Omnibenevolent.

And this one life is mine. God blesses me with it. I get to use it, to be it, to express however I see fit. I am supported and loved. Joy is my birthright. Peace is my heritage. Love is who and what I am. It is who and what I am and it is who and what you are. You are the blessed child of the Beloved. You are an expression of the One Life, the Life Force, the Electricity of Life, the Buzz, the Pulse, the Beingness of Light.

And because you are all that, you get to do it however you want. You are unlimited, ever-supported, constantly loved. You are not judged for any of it, you are loved for all of it; denying the expression of the truth of who and what you are can never change that truth. You are always forgiven, for in truth, you can never rescind the truth of you. God knows that truth and holds it in holy escrow; it is safeguarded for you. You can’t violate it for that would mean you could violate a part of God and that can never be.

So go for it. God supports you. Reach for it. God guides you. Step into the craziness that makes you feel alive but you have been scared of stretching towards. The Light cares not about your worthiness. You cannot be unworthy. It is electricity, there for whoever plugs into it. It is the driving force behind everything you do, saying yes to it all, whether you are wise enough to create judiciously or not. But It is so loving that behind the scenes Good is blessing it all. It’s making roses from the manure. It’s creating opportunity from the failure. It is loving. It is kind. You are loved.

So give thanks. I give thanks. I can’t screw it up, I can only deprive myself of my goodness when my twisted thinking keeps me from realizing how loved I am. Electricity doesn’t care how you use it. It supports you in all your endeavors. So go for what thrills you. Be glad in it. Dare to embrace it. Revel in it. Feel the gratitude soaking your heart.

Then let go of what you think it should look like. Give it to God. Have faith for your prayer was heard the moment it blessed your soul. Your request was accomplished the second you made it. Only YOU experience in time. God is timeless and knows no order of difficulty. So let it go. And know it’s already done. And So It Is! Amen.