The Flip Side of Fear

The Flip Side of Fear
by Rev. Karen Linsley, M.A., Interim Minister

I settle into this great place of peace, knowing that Spirit is everywhere present.  Everywhere I look, in everything I hear, manifesting as everything I see and feel.  And I know that the main quality of this Force is Love. All-encompassing love.

I also know that this thing called Life manifests as me, that I am a unique and individualized manifestation of God, and as such that quality of Love works in and through me.  And most especially as me.

And so I embody Love.  And I embody all the offshoots of love:  peace, joy, power, compassion.  And when I embody Love, no fear can enter my consciousness.  Love is the flip side of fear and so I speak, eat, drink and think Love.  And I know this to be true for everyone reading this affirmative prayer.  Love.  Always love.  

And so with great gratitude and I release and anchor:  and so it is!