The Garage Sale

The Garage Sale
by Rev. Karen Linsley, M.A., Interim Minister

This weekend, I held a garage sale.  I had very little of my own to sell, but quite a bit of my deceased husband’s stuff to sell.  He has been gone for almost two years and it was time.  The weekend was like a little mini session of grieving, with all the attendant feelings:  sadness that he was gone, joy that I had him in my life, a bit of something that I can’t name yet, but centered around letting go of his things.  He had excellent taste and did not skimp on the important stuff, and I sold his things at garage sale prices.  I did so because I wanted others to be able to get some joy from the things that were his, and because it was time to let go of the stuff.  What helped me gain peace and clarity around this was this morning, when a lady came in and bought all 5 of his glass dolphins.  He never told me why he liked dolphins, but he did, and he had a really nice collection of them.  You should have seen the smile on this lady’s face when she bought those dolphins.  She said she was going to put them in her bathroom, the one she was remodeling to reflect an ocean theme.  Her entire face lit up, and I saw that little girl that she once was in that smile.  

It is things like this that tell me that God is indeed everywhere present and all good, all the time.  It is things like this that allow me to proceed and do the next right indicated step, even if I don’t always know why I’m doing it except that something within me is calling me to do it.  

Because I am eternally and irrevocably connected with that Thing that some call God, but which I think of most often as The Force.

And so I know that even in the presence of some feelings that may not be the most fun of feelings, all is well.  I know that more is always revealed, and I know that what is revealed is always good and very good.  I declare right here and right now that I continue to be aware of my feelings, and I continue to be willing and able to do the next indicated right step, and I rest secure in the knowledge that with that inner force guiding me, it is always the right thing to do.  I speak my word now for peace, for satisfaction, and for acceptance.

I release with great gratitude, 

And so it is.