The Healing Power of Love and Laughter

The Healing Power of Love and Laughter
by Nancy Bowers, RScP

The squeals of delight erupt from deep within – the sound of pure joy.  It is found is a child’s laughter of discovery; it is the heart of appreciation.  It is gratitude.  It is the happiness of simply savoring what is.  No judgment. No comparison or ideas that things should be different.  Just awe for the beauty of being.  Just reveling in that which presents itself; cherishing its essence.

God’s gifts are everywhere.  Beyond war, beyond conflict, peace pulsates.  It is a choice.  That choice lives in the love and the laughter.  It savors the heart, careless of ego’s agenda.  There is no right or wrong in Oneness, where the mystery of paradox relinquishes the need to prove superiority.  There is only Love.  There is only Joy.  There is only sitting contentedly in the Divine in a sea of Peace. 

I stand agenda-less before the Almighty.  “Let me be an instrument of thy peace.” May I forgive myself for judging what is.  May I choose God always.  I surrender.  I surrender.  Let me release my small ideas and allow God to lead me.  Show me the Love.  Let me dance in the peals of laughter bursting unfettered in the pool of appreciation.  Let me love it all.  Let me remember always that my life is God’s life.  The gifts of the kingdom are here now, the moment I choose Love over fear; the moment I trust that God has my back.  Always did.  Always will.  How awesome it is to have all doubts washed away in the faith that God is Good!

Thank you, Lord!  Thank you for wrapping me in the arms of appreciation and letting Love rule my life.  Thank you showing me how delightful life can be.  Thank you for the laughter.  Thank you for the folly that makes me laugh each time I stop judging and simply recognize how human we all are.  Thank you for reminding me to focus on the love and not to take the rest so damned seriously.  Damn the seriousness.  I choose God, and in doing so, remember that, although I may not be privy to the Divine Order, there is nothing wrong.  I can relax and allow.  I can Love and I can laugh.  I can walk in Peace with Spirit. 

And so I do.  And so it is.  Amen.