The I Seeking Me

The I Seeking Me
Rev. Martha Quintana, Senior Minister

“What you seek is seeking you.” ― Rumi

Martha_226There is a yearning, a desire – cocooned in that desire is the Essence of Existence Itself. It cloaks Itself in desire, exposes Itself in the brilliance of the Sun, hums as the birds sing to It, and knows Itself through all of Its creation. This yearning is what I call God and I call It forth with the knowledge that this Life is what It is — Love, Beauty, Health, Harmony, and Blessing.

I am born of Life’s yearning. I feel it stronger now than ever. I am Life’s yearning longing to know itself and I align with it so fully that It cannot be denied. I accept that I am love, beauty, health, harmony, and blessing knowing itself as me. As I know this for me, I know this for the person who is reading and accepting this prayer right now.

I affirm and declare the I seeking me is fulfillment. I am fulfilled in every way. I openly enjoy the freedom of joy, peace, and happiness. Anything that is not filled with love and for my highest good falls away now never to return I am that person I have searched for and I have now found her. I live in joy knowing that true love is mine solely for the experience of it. I am that person I have always longed to be and now I long for me. I am in evolution because I am that something more constantly evolving. This is not a longing unfulfilled but a curiosity satiated. I am God’s love and that’s all that I experience. I know this for you who are reading and accepting this prayer, too.

I am so grateful for this prayer and so grateful that I am born of the love of God. I am so happy that God wants to know the world as me and that all that I have is already part of an experience fulfilled. The I seeking me is gratitude and I am happy.

Knowing that all is well and life is good, I release my word and know this prayer is done. And so it is.