The Infinite Universe

The Infinite Universe
by Rev. Gil Olmstead, Spiritual Director

The Infinite Universe is boundless. It contains all things, is all things, and is all that will be. All that is, is a revelation of this Infinite power. In the beauty of nature, in the complexity of humanity, in the simplicity of hope is this Infinite Universe revealed. Therefore, that power is fully present as me. As each one of us. All the wisdom and beauty and power of the Infinite is the essence of who I am.

Knowing this I know that all is well. I know that in the midst of appearances of evil and unkindness, and all that exists in opposition to the Good, there is ultimately the essence of perfection and beauty. I trust that even as I may not understand or see evidence of this reality, I am no less responsible to call forth this Good from myself and others. As I stand in that space of truth and good, love prevails. Love brings forth the essence of the Infinite in all things allowing pain and suffering to be soothed and greater understanding to bloom.

To know this and trust this I am grateful. I give thanks for all that I do not understand and for all that I take for granted. I recognize the blessings of this Life right here and now!

And so I release this thought, this word, into the law of the Universe knowing that it IS.

I am grateful. And so it is!