Rev. Bonny Allen Rice

The Joy of This New Day

The Joy of This New Day
Rev. Bonny Allen Rice

Science of Mind page 599
Ernest Holmes

“It is the self knowingness of God through man. Illumination comes as man more and more realizes his unity with the whole. The only God man can ever know is the God of his inner life.”

Buddhist saying:
“The prayer of a Monk is never perfect until he no longer recognizes he is praying.”

In this moment of recognition and unity, I am filled with the Illumination of the Divine, always and every where present. I let this truth be revealed within my mind, heart and Soul. It is a revelation of love, joy and peace. “This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.”

The joy of this new day is the joy of surrender to my highest good. The surrendering of the little self to the expression of that which is greater. The desire of my heart is to be a greater expression of God, to move to the deeper illumination of the realization of the Divine. My desire is to manifest the greater within as an expression and unfoldment of Truth, Love, Joy and Peace. This is already done in the Divine. My passion is to let it reveal itself over and over again each moment of every day.

Deep within gratitude is present and fills my being and spills forth in love. Thank you, thank you, thank you Spirit!

And so it is