Kathy Mathiason, RScP

The Law Works!

The Law Works!
by Kathy Masthiason, RScP

“The Law does not give us what we want; the Law gives us what we give It.” Robert H. Bitzer, How to Make Your Mental Computer Work For You

I know that there is a perfect, precise, impersonal, all knowing, ever-present, and powerful Law in the Universe. I know It works in my life and I depend on it, always. It gives back to me in amounts greater than I give to It. Daily I learn more about how Law operates in my life. I pay closer attention to my words, my thoughts and my actions that I give the Law to return to me. The more loving my words and thoughts are my life changes for the better through Law.

I affirm and declare that I alone am responsible for my experiences in health, prosperity, relationships, my creative expression, and my own spiritual awareness. The Law doesn’t care what I asked for; It gives me struggle, sorrow, pain as easily as It gives me loved filled, joyous experiences. The choice is mine. I change everything and anything in my life by changing my beliefs, my thoughts and my words, thereby giving me a new direction to take in my life through Law.

I know I change my beliefs when I change how I think. I think, speak, feel, and act only in ways which I want to see expressed in my life. I know the choice is only mine to make. It is up to me to set the Creative Process in motion to be and have health, prosperity and loving relationships in my life.

I am so grateful to know that Law always works in my life. It says yes. I gratefully embrace the power and ever presence It is in my life.

And so it is.