The Life

The Life
by Rev. Gil Olmstead, Spiritual Director

When I acknowledge that Spirit is all there is  I can only be grateful. Grateful that the Life in back of all things is the Life that flows as me – as each and every creation in this world and beyond. As the Creator is one with all things, I am one with the Creator, and therefore one with all things.

All the beauty I witness is contained in me. All that I judge to be “less than” is contained in me. I am that which Spirit is. I am the Life that is all things in form. There is only this one Life and each one who knows this allows themselves to be greater than their wildest dreams because that one Life is beyond any limits that our human mind can place on It.

As I know this to be true I declare that all the perfection of the universe is right where I am, right where you are – it is everywhere present. Nothing can exist outside of this truth. Only powerful Love is the order of the day. Love as each physical body, Love as each spiritual body, Love as every energy body, Love as all things. Every hint of imperfection in my world falls away as I know this truth. Every relationship and every aspect of my life can only express the fullness of Spirit! This is the truth of all beings! Hear it, feel it, KNOW it!

I embrace this truth in boundless gratitude. Grateful for my life, for all life, for all Truth. In absolute acceptance I release this word knowing that it’s time is now, that my speaking it has orchestrated to bring us all closer to the truth of who we are! So I let it go and allow it to be.

And so It is.