Sue Hoadley, RScP

The Peace in Surrender

The Peace in Surrender
by Sue Hoadley, Former RScP

As I bring my awareness to the in breath and the out breath, I am aware of the truth that God is breathing me. I become aware of the force of life within me that is observed in this sacred flow of breath. Sacred Flow, that is God, source of all that is, True Principle, always moving, flowing.

I see it in the clouds, am reminded of it in watching a powerful river, the earth turns and the sun appears, ever faithfully. I see it in the birth of birds and babies and feel it when with someone who is relaxing into leaving her physical form and taking her last breath. Flow, go with the flow and relax into God.

Knowing that the flow is always a friendly, supportive force, emanating from the Divine Brilliant Intelligence, I know my own ideas of how things should go and turn out are so blind and flawed. When I try to run my agenda, I am swimming upstream and it is Hard!! When I resist situations, I increase my stress and undermine my health and happiness.

And so, knowing that the Divine Intelligent flow of all life is the true plan, the true path, I surrender my limited, worrisome thinking and relax into the Ultimate Perfect Flow that is the God force.

I claim this beautiful surrender for all beings and know that when one is able to surrender to what is, the light shines through, the darkness evaporates, the road is made smooth and straight, and harmony and peace prevail. In this “going with the flow,” the God qualities come through in your life and my life. Work becomes easy, relationships harmonize and become more loving, prosperity flows into your life, problems melt away and are easily and gracefully resolved. This is the peace that comes when I surrender to the Flow.

I am joyfully grateful to know you and I don’t have to “figure it out”! I give thanks for this breath, flowing in and out of me, gifting me with life perpetual and beautiful. I give thanks that in relaxing into the way things are, I can rest in the Lord, float down the river with ease and grace. I give thanks for the health and prosperity and sense of well-being that arises when I  trust in this perfect Flow.

I release my thoughts and words into Divine principle and happily proclaim, “and so it is!!”