The Place of Innocence

The Place of Innocence
by Nancy Bowers, RScP

This life is God’s life, and it is one of Sweetness, of Purity, of Beauty and so much Love.  It is the Place of Innocence where mistrust and cruelty and guilt are nonexistent.  Where there is no judgment, only forgiveness; for only Goodness is the heartbeat of the Divine.  It is the place of Innocence.  It is Heaven.  The place where Spirit would have us remember the truth of who we are – the children of the Lord, made like Him.  The place where we know we are all One.

Recognizing, I know this is who I am – a kind, loving, giving person who lives in faith and sees the best in everyone.  I look at my brothers and sisters and know who they are, the holy children of God, innocent and loving; a divine expression of goodness.

So on this day, I affirm this knowingness.  I claim for myself the ability to see through the eyes of Christ: to see the innocence beyond the fear, to see the love behind the calls for love.  I stand in the place of healing, where love washes clean any unkind thoughts, where my tongue is purified and speaks only  grace.  I fold these traits into my heart.  I allow them to be the place I always come from.  I let the Holy Spirit be my constant companion to guide me always and forever.  I see only with love.  I speak only with love.  I hear only with love.  I allow innocence to scrub every situation clean and return it to the Heart of God.  When I have trouble finding that innocence, I embrace forgiveness and allow God to do the rest of the work for me.  Will you join me there?

I need judge nothing.

I give thanks for knowing the truth of who you are.  I give thanks for knowing the truth of who I am.  I give thanks for innocence, for the place where love purges all guilt and brings us back to the Goodness of God.  I give thanks that this is Truth.  I give thanks for Christ’s Vision that sees such innocence and lets it be the rule of the day.

Then I let go. I let go of the impulse to judge anything and I allow God to handle the details for me, to return me to the place of innocence. And So It Is.  Amen.