The Principle of Truth

The Principle of Truth
Alicia K. Hanlen
Practitioner Emeritus
Taos Study Group

God’s world is perfect, and this is the Principle we have to demonstrate.”  ~Dr. Ernest Holmes

Dear Spirit, Source of All, Heart as my heart, Love as my life, in this very moment I turn my full attention inward and just revel in the feeling of union with my Source, with my Supply, and with the God revealed in my life as my very own life.  I know that this is the truth of my essence, this is the Principle of the One Source for good. 

What a joy, what a privilege it is to know this, to feel it so sweetly, to savor it so totally.  I am filled with gratitude to own this truth — that I AM one with creative life, expressing fully from that God-center of my being.  Each time, each moment that I see this playing out in my life is a sacred moment.  When I am blessed with the presence of family and friends, when my abundance in all things overflows, when the quiet solitude of my own mind soothes and comforts me—I own the truth that I am one with my beloved.  In the midst of challenges of any nature I know that I am surrounded by a Power greater than I am that I can use to help me find my way, guide me to my highest and best outcome, and  always be available to support me regardless of circumstances. 

Today, right now, I seek to be always be ready and available to open my heart deeper, live my life fuller, and own the truth of who and whose I am — one with Source — each and every waking, breathing moment.  As I continue to expand my awareness, this feeling and the reality of the Oneness spreads to every corner of my mind, to every circumstance in my life, moving outward to each and every person I encounter, whether in thought or in physical reality.  I see and know this Truth, that we are all One, that there can be no separation, and I declare it for each and every man, woman and child on this wondrous planet and indeed in this universe.  I am uplifted by knowing this, and seeing it expressed everywhere I look!  Thank you, dear Spirit, for the continuing evolution of my being.  I am so blessed, and I am so very grateful.  And so it is.