The Road to Freedom is not Mysterious

Ernest Holmes - One with God

Rio Grande Center for Spiritual Living
Sunday, June 14th, 2015
9 AM and 11 AM

Your Total Freedom is God’s Greatest Gift

Rev. Martha Quintana, Senior Minister

The Time is Now - Rev Martha Quintana, Senior Minister

How is God impersonal and personal at the same time?  If God is ubiquitous and equally present in every point in space, dimension, and consciousness, how is it that It still shows up as each one of us?  Can I talk to something so immense?  Join Rev. Martha as we explore these great questions!


Susan Clark, Music Director

Susan Clark is joined by

Lewis Winn on guitar/bass guitar and Jay Blea on drums/percussion

 The Daily Prayer 06.13.2015

“The Road to Freedom is not Mysterious”
Ernest Holmes, Our Founder

Ernest Holmes - One with God

All Thought Is Creative

Since this is true, it follows that we cannot say that one thought is creative while another is not. We must say that all thought is creative, according to the nature, impulse, emotion or conviction behind the thought. Thought creates a mold in the Subjective, in which the idea is accepted and poured, and sets power in motion in accordance with the thought. Ignorance of this excuses no one from its effects, for we are dealing with Law and not with whimsical fancy.

The conscious mind is superior to the subjective and may consciously use it. Great as the subconscious is, its tendency is set in motion by the conscious thought, and in this possibility lies the path to freedom. The Karmic Law is not Kismet. It is not fate but cause and effect. It is a taskmaster to the unwise; a servant to the wise.

The Road to Freedom Is Not Mysterious

Experience has taught us that the subjective tendency of this intelligent Law of creative force may consciously be directed and definitely used. This is the greatest discovery of all time. There is no mystery here, but a profound fact and a demonstrable one. The road to freedom lies, not through mysteries or occult performances, but through the intelligent use of Nature’s forces and laws. The Law of Mind is a natural law in the spiritual world.

But what do we mean by the spiritual world? We mean the world of conscious intelligence. The Subjective is a world of Law and of mechanical order; in our lives, it is largely a reaction, an effect, a way. IT IS NEVER A PERSON THOUGH IT OFTEN APPEARS TO ACT AS THOUGH IT WERE ONE. Right here, many are completely misled, mistaking subjective impulses for actual personalities. This, however, is a field of investigation not fully to be considered here.

The simplest way to state the proposition is to say that we have a conscious mind that operates within a subjective field, which is creative. The conscious mind is Spirit, the subjective mind is Law. One is a complement of the other and no real individuality could be expressed without a combination of both.

No man has ever plumbed the depths of either the conscious or the subjective life. In both directions, we reach out to Infinity, and since we cannot encompass Infinity, we shall always be expanding and always enlarging our capacity to know and to experience.

We need not ask why these things are so. There can be no reason given as to why the Truth is true. We do not create laws and principles, but discover and make use of them. Let us accept this position relative to the laws of Mind and Spirit, and see what we can do with them—rather than how we may contradict the inevitable. Our mind and spirit is our echo of the “Eternal Thing” Itself, and the sooner we discover this fact, the sooner we shall be made free and happy. The Universe is filled with Spirit and filled with Law. One reacts to the other. We are Spirit and we are Law. The law of our life reacts to our spiritual or material concepts, and builds and re-builds according to our beliefs and faith.

Holmes, Ernest (1998-08-24). The Science of Mind: The Definitive Edition (pp. 31-32). Penguin Group. Kindle Edition.

Ernest Holmes, Founder of Religious Science and author of many books, including “The Science of Mind“.

Rio Grande Center for Spiritual Living, Albuquerque, NM 87107

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