The Source of All is All

The Source of All is All
by Rev. Gil Olmstead, Spiritual Director

The Source of all is All. The expression of Source is everywhere and everything. My life and your life expresses this Source in concert with the majesty of mountains and the power of great rivers. We are all that is Source.

There can be no thing that is separated from us for the All is each one of us. I declare, then, that our actions are must be in line with the Divine fulfillment of Its creation. We allow the Divine Goodness to flow as us. Our every action and activity can only bring more light and health to our planet. We see with love and compassion every opportunity to lift the vibration of all that is, revealing perfection in our rivers, lakes, streams and oceans; fully supporting the beauty and Life of this planet and all Life that is forever expressing.

We bathe is this opportunity to know this truth and to align ourselves with All, with Source, with Life. We are truly grateful to participate in the wonder of Creation.

Our word is sacred. Our word is the Divine expressing. Therefore nothing expressed before this moment concerns us. Once spoken this Word is complete, and knowing this to be true, we let it go in love.

And so it is