The Source of All

Michelle Scholer, RScP

The Source of All
by Michelle Scholer, RScP

There is one Creative Source which is Perfect Flow, Safety and Clarity. It expresses and lives through every form of life and activity that exists. There is an abiding calm, clarity, an unchangeable equilibrium and a safe place at the center of everything. The Source of all is the One Mind, God.

I am one with God. I am a part of God because God expresses in and through me. I am inseparably connected with an infinite intelligence. There is only oneness and I am conscious of being a center in the safety, clarity and flow of God right now.

I know my nature is divine. I am fully aware of my partnership with the peace, centeredness, flow, clarity and love that are the essence of God. They are my essence also. I cannot be disturbed or afraid of anything in my life. No one and no thing can make me angry or upset unless I allow it to. I choose a deep and abiding sense of calm, clarity and safety and allow it to permeate my entire being. I allow and know that all is well with my soul. I access the peace, calm and clarity of God to be made manifest in my life as right action, calm emotions, joyful relationships, and an overall sense that I am always safe, centered, and everything is in perfect order. I relax into this deep knowing allowing it to permeate my mind, my ego and my heart. I choose to have all of my activities flow easily, effortlessly and in a relaxed manner. Nothing can disturb or upset me. I consciously choose to experience the love, guidance, support and clarity of God at all times.

I give thanks as I gratefully accept this truth about my life, knowing I am always centered in the heart of peace.

I now release this treatment into the activity of the law of mind, knowing that my word is fulfilled right now.

It is already done, and so it is!