The Spirit is Love and Law

The Spirit is Love and Law
by Marilyn O’Leary, RScP

The Spirit that is in all, that created this wonderful and truly awesome universe, in all of its splendor that is so great it is unimaginable, is in each one of us.

We are one with It and as such, we are one with each other.

This spirit is Love, and it is Law.

It is Love, in that it is all we want, desire, affirm, and seek.

It is love, comfort, abundance, good health, well-being, peace, calm, confidence and self-worth.

It is Law, because it works on our prayer, giving what we ask for, always saying yes to what we affirm.
I affirm for each person who reads this prayer, who asks, and who is ready to receive, all these gifts, with what is particular for each person being received by that person –

love for those who feel alone,
comfort for those who grieve,
abundance for those who are in need,
radiant health for the ailing,
well-being for those who are confused,
peace, calm, and confidence for those who are uneasy,
and self-worth for those who feel less than perfect, who forget their Oneness with Source.

I am deeply grateful, knowing that what we ask for is given, that the Law of how it works receives our prayer and acts upon it, and that we can have the confidence to know it is done.

I release these words. So it is. Amen