The Stillness that is God

The Stillness that is God
by Alicia K. Hanlen
Practitioner Emeritus
Taos Study Group

The only Power is God. It is Love, Life, and all goodness. I recognize in this moment the Presence of God. The sacredness that is Divine forever present in and around me. Only Love exists — I feel it, I sense it, I see it, and I know it. My unification is always present. I affirm and recognize my alignment, and I open my heart to the Love flow as I move and express myself in the freedom of knowing that my life is eternal. I am delighted to speak my word in this moment as an expression of Faith — a Faith that is bound by Truth expressing Love in every moment.

I know that every moment of my life is filled with certainty, for the Divine that is my Life Source is inspiring me as I see around me its wonder and creation. I hear the love letter spoken to me in my breath and pulsation activating every cell of my Mind, Body, and Spirit. I feel the rhythm as I move. Time is timeless for I surrender to the stillness in every moment. Spirit goes before me, and the way is made clear and safe. My Peace is joyful as I am One in the Oneness. My silence is golden as I see and feel the luminosity of God. I feel a calmness right now, for I know I am safe and cared for. My heart reveals the sacredness of my eternal marriage to what I call God. I am transformed in my realization of this moment where Peace abides my safety. I sit in this silence, knowing that all is well and all is good.

I am grateful for these words that Grace has inspired, grateful for this community of Love that is in constant connection. Grateful for all those that have been my teachers and my inspiration, and for those who continue to teach me the depth of Love through my dedication of service to humanity. I give thanks for this peace, for the freedom to sit in the silence, as I experience the Stillness that is God.

I release these words into the Law, knowing that it is done here, now, and always. And so it is.