The Time to Turn Within

The Time to Turn Within
Alicia K. Hanlen
Practitioner Emeritus
Taos Study Group

To everything, turn, turn, turn . . . There is a season . . . and a time for every purpose under heaven.”

This day I turn to that Infinite Presence and Divine Intelligence, that Power that I know resides within, truly knowing and accepting that the spark of Life I carry within me is permeated with light, love, peace, and joy.  I turn to the Presence knowing it manifests as mother, father, lover and friend, and seeing Its face looking back at me everywhere I look.  I acknowledge that each and every person on this precious planet is infused with Infinite Energy, and each person has the inherent capacity to be a vessel of Light.

As I learn to trust more fully in that omniscient, omnipotent Presence, I truly know that God perfects all that concerns me.  I breathe in the Peace, and let go of the stress.  I breathe in the Harmony, and let go of the discord.  I breathe in the Abundance, and let go of any concept of lack.  I breathe in Wholeness and Perfection, and let go of dis-ease or malcontent.

This day I place my trust in Life, and Life supports me.  This day I start anew on my path to a greater and greater unfoldment of my absolute good, and truly know and believe that in God all things are possible — all things.  And I know that this good is unlimited with enough for all people everywhere to participate in its blessings.  I see this good spreading and multiplying with every breath I take, with every thought I think, and with every action I initiate.  This is the season for my unlimited good and well being, and I envision it set in motion for all of humankind.  This is the day that I fully trust in the process and learn to live in the flow of my never-ending good.

On this Thanksgiving Day, it is truly the season and the day to turn within, and realize my greater purpose under heaven.  And for this day and all of its blessings, I am eternally grateful.  And so it is.