The Unfolding of Kindness

The Unfolding of Kindness
by Alicia Kay Hanlen
Practitioner Emeritus
Taos Study Group

As we take a moment on this glorious day that God has made, we acknowledge the presence of that very same God or Spirit, that ineffable Presence which  surrounds us, moves through us, expresses and manifests as us. We know and declare that this Spirit is in each and every one of us, in each person we meet, and indeed, in all of the peoples of the planet. Let us take a moment this day and consider how we respond to this God-nature in our fellow human beings.

We may think of heroes as the fireman who risks his life going into burning buildings, the soldiers who serve to give us our freedom, the parent who would willingly lie down her life for her child. But know with me today that each and every one of us can be an ordinary hero, by simple acts of random kindness.

Think of the people in your life – perhaps there is a boss who is somewhat difficult to deal with, a neighbor who can occasionally get under your skin, a relative who presents us with emotional or mental challenges. What can we do today, this week, in the months ahead to see them as part of the Oneness we profess – to reach out and do a simple random act of kindness for someone who may be our greatest challenge? Heroes aren’t just of the Superman or Batman variety, we all can open our hearts and allow the love we have inside to flow outward to each other. We can look for the good in everyone we meet and praise it. We can let our consciousness shine and be a force for good, knowing that we are contributing to our world in a positive way.

Let us now declare through the power of our word, that each and every one of us is blessed with health, abundance, wisdom and joy, as we also accept this very same blessing for each person we meet, and for all of those in our thoughts and prayers. For God has no boundaries and knows no limitation.

We accept this realization with profound and joyful gratitude – that the abundant manifestation we have invoked is here and now for one and all. Our hearts are full as we declare, and so it is.