The Unity of Good

The Unity of Good
by Chaplain Tilia Giron, RScP

Let me focus on the good throughout the day and the night.

Let me hold to the knowing of the Divine Good.

That Divine Good is inherent in all things, in all that is, in all beings and in me.

Therefore, all and I mean All that occurs has /is good.

Knowing that The Good exists in all things I believe, accept and hold to this etherealness.

Let me see this Good and good. Let Us hold to this Good in the Unity of Good.

I can accept without understanding,

I accept with knowing, however lacking understanding I may be.


It is this knowing, this belief in the All Good that is God to which I hold fast.

As I do, I bring in more Good and good.

For light attracts light and good attracts good.

That Good and good that is Love, Peace, Kindness, and Humanitarianism now spreads and transcends throughout this world regardless of borders, religions or ideologies.

This Light permeates, transcends and encompasses us all.

And so it is!