The Very Essence of Spirit

The Very Essence of Spirit
by Rev. Gil Olmstead, Spiritual Director

I am grateful to be able to acknowledge that there is One presence back of all things. This One presence is the essence of my life, it is the essence of every life. The Spirit and I are One. My life is taken from the One life as is every life. There is nothing in me that is not Spirit. There is no aspect of life that is not the very essence of Spirit.

From knowing this is true, I know that our planet and the rest of the universe breath and move as the rhythm of Spirit. There is only grace and joy and peace being expressed. There is enough for each and every one to have exactly what they want and need. Health is continually revealing itself in our minds, our spirits and our body-temples. The appearance of our world being out of balance is simply the recalibration of perfection. That perfection is our life. We move and have being in this perfection. We are blessed now and always.

So I am grateful to know this and joyful to be able to speak it. For it is the foundation of all things. As I declare this I let it go. There is nothing that I need do to “make” this the truth. And So It is.