The Wonder of Spirit

The Wonder of Spirit
by Rev. Gil William Olmstead, Spiritual Director

Recognizing the wonder of Spirit I am in awe of the blessing that we are. Each of us living and breathing the Life of Spirit. That one all inclusive, ever present,  all powerful energy that is all things. I am a unique expression of that same energy. Each of us being a space for the One Life to be present even in our smallness of being.

This truth allows me to declare that all I need is within me! All possibilities flow easily and effortlessly as my life. Whatever appears to be out of sync in my life has its origin in the divine flow. I can only be right where I am supposed to be,

I let go of all “trying” and allow Spirit to simply be as me, For this I am grateful and always in complete awe.

I release this prayer into the perfection of divinity knowing that it can only be fulfilled as Spirit has brought it forth.

And so it is