The Word Of Spirit Moves Through The Law

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Rio Grande Center for Spiritual Living

This Sunday, July 21st, 2013

10 AM

Rev Martha Quintana, Senior Minister

Rev Martha Quintana, Senior Minister

The Practitioner Speaks With Authority

All of us are spiritual mind practitioners and all of us are the sole authorities on our own lives!  Our minds, our lives, our words and actions speak to the ideas that we have allowed into and manufactured in our lives.  However, just as we let these ideas in, we can invite them out, and adopt something new.  No apologies.  Join Rev. Martha on Sunday as we know ourselves even more deeply and speak with authority for ourselves. 


Music by Susan Clark

Music Director Susan Clark is joined by

Lewis Winn on guitar/bass guitar and Jay Blea on drums/percussion


The Daily Meditation 07.20.2013

The Word Of Spirit Moves Through The Law


God, the Self-Existent First Cause, speaks and it is done. His Word is Law. God is Word, God is Law, God is Spirit. Spirit knows Itself; the Law is the servant of the Spirit, is set in motion through Its Word. All law is some form of universal force or energy. Law does not know itself; Law knows only to do. It is the medium through which the Spirit operates to fulfill Its purpose.[break][break]
Did God make Law? It is impossible to think of a time when Law did not operate; it is impossible to conceive that It was ever created. Therefore, Law must be Co-Existent and Co-Eternal with Spirit, a part of the Causeless Nature of the Divine Reality. The Spirit operates through Law, which is some part of Its own Nature; therefore, all action must be some action of Spirit as Law! The Word of Spirit moves through the Law and , since the Law must be as timeless as the Spirit, we could not think of a time when Law was not, or a time when it would cease to be; neither can we imagine the Law ever failing to operate once It is set in motion.[break][break]
We have then, an infinite Spirit and an Infinite Spirit and an Infinite Law…. Intelligence and the Way It works. GOD WORKING THROUGH LAW, which is unfailing and certain. Creation- the activity of God, the activity of Spirit – the passing of Substance into form, through a Law, which is set in motion by the Word of Spirit. Spirit is “the same yesterday, today and forever,” so our thought cannot picture a time when the activity of Spirit will cease. The whole action of Spirit must be within Itself, upon the Law ( which is within Itself) and upon the Universl Stuff, which is also with Itself. The three in reality are One – The Trinity. There is something called God that makes things out of Himself (or Itself) by becoming the things It makes, according to law and order. As nearly as the intelligence of the human race is able to judge, Spirit creates by comtemplation.[break][break]
Ernest Holmes – “Science of Mind” Page 84[break][break]
What a glorious day it is knowing all we have to do is speak our word and it is done through the action of God’s Law which is compelled to act upon the words which we speak. The Law is impersonal and I give thanks that the Law just carries out my words (from Spirit) without me having to figure out the how. All I need to know and believe is that It will take care of the manifestation in Its good time.[break][break]
What a comfort and a responsibility that is, because no matter what words I speak, the Law has no choice in the matter , but to act upon those words. It is up to me to be aware at all times of the thoughts that I think and the words that I speak because the Law never stops creating.[break][break]
I give thanks to God for this knowledge. I give thanks to God for everything. I give thanks to God for all of the Love, Abundance, Health, Joy and Happiness that is manifesting in my life right now.[break][break]
I let it all go, knowing that it is done.  [break][break]
And So It Is. [break][break]

Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living, Albuquerque, New Mexico[break][break]

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