There are Always Blessings

Nancy Bowers, RScP – In The Land of Faith

There are Always Blessings
Nancy Bowers, RScP

Beyond the hustle and bustle of life, there is Peace and I know this Peace as God.  Spirit is always present, always purifying our mistakes, always miraculously creating Good even from the worst of circumstances.  For the Holy Spirit is the Great Purifier and there is no situation He cannot heal.

So in this moment, as I sip my morning coffee and listen to the city off in the distance, I rest in this respite, I align myself with the Divine to find the place where I am above the dim, beyond the hustle and bustle in the quiet of God; in the place where I can feel the blessings.  In that quiet, I remember that I am a holy child of God and that so, my friend, are you.

Breathing into that awareness, I affirm for each of us the ability to stay above the dim; to rest in the quiet where we know what God knows – that everything is working out, despite our opinions to the contrary.  God’s hand is in all of it, and although I may not see how all the pieces fit quite yet, the one thing I know for sure is that God is creating blessings.  There are always blessings.

So I give thanks, for I am so very grateful that there are always blessings even in the worst of experiences.  I am grateful to know that I have only to ask the Holy Spirit and I will find them.  I am grateful that even though I may not be able to see how, things are indeed working out.  I am grateful for the ability to return to the peace of God, above the dim, where Love is the order of the day and gratitude for what is fills my heart.

Then I let go.  I know that God is present and listens to my every prayer.  I release all my troubles to Him, and He turns them into blessings.  And So It Is.  Amen.