There is Beauty

Teresa Greco, RScP

There is Beauty
by Teresa Greco, RScP

I honor the Divine in everyone and everything. I know the Goodness of this Power because I witness It in all that my eyes see and my heart feels. There is a Beauty in It that surpasses any negativity or lack of belief in the Truth of the One, True Spirit. The love and joy that is Spirit is a balm that is available to all.

And because I know I am made in Its image, I identify in myself the beauty and love that has always been a part of me. It endures beyond time and place. I am one in all things that are Good, Honest and True. This is all there is or ever will be. I acknowledge my oneness with this Beneficent Essence.

I live my life in the Power of Perfection, always aware of my choices. These choices are what creates the life I live. I live in beauty and joy always knowing that I am guided by the Divine. This Divinity creates my life as beneficial to myself and others. I know what to say, and say it with confidence, trust and love. I know my words are received as a love offering and as a choice. My family and friends are a gift and I treat them as such.

I am thankful that I live my life in the Light, always knowing that I walk with the Divine. I eat, sleep and drink in thankfulness because I know I am blessed by Spirit.

And so, I release my word into the Law, absolutely certain that my prayer has been received and manifested. And so It is.