There Is One Life and It is My Life Now

There Is One Life and It is My Life Now
by Chris Duvall, RScP

I lovingly invite each reader to place themselves in the “I” of this prayer…

There is One Life and It is my life now. This Life is a unified Whole, expressing uniquely in me and in each and all which lives and moves and has its being in the One. This LIfe is Joy and Strength. It is Health and Wellbeing. It is Guidance and Clarity. It is Ease and Abundance. It is Love and Harmony. From this Great Truth – this Presence and Power – there can be no separation.

I now unite myself with It and know It empowers me for this day. I know that I am Spirit, and I am Life. I place myself securely in alignment with Its purposes and I know that It inevitably moves through me to will and to do that which needs to be done by me today. I claim and declare that this Great Love goes out before me to enlighten and enliven all of my experiences causing me to be successful in all my endeavors, loving in all my interactions, and wise in all my decisions.

As I surrender my small self and allow Spirit to come forth, Spirit speaks and acts through me. My health, clarity, and abundance shine through. All that I need comes running to meet me. I experience the joy of well-being and happiness in service to the Greater Good. I know my beautiful relation to the whole. I am protected. I am at rest. I am free. I am grateful for my life, for all of life, for this beautiful day and its contribution to the unfoldment of good on Earth. I release this Word into Law and I celebrate its manifesting power.

And so it is.