There Is Only Oneness

There Is Only Oneness
Tammi Lambert, RScP

There is only Oneness. The Energy, the Divine Intelligence, the Love, the Wisdom, the Infinite Strength, the All Knowingness of God – all live within me as Life right now. I am connected and one with that Spirit, with Light and Divine Manifestations of Life, and can never be separated.

I affirm that this day is blessed. I walk the paths of this day in joy and peace. I am grounded and connected while hearing the truth in my heart and on the wind, the Spirit ever speaking clarity and wisdom in, through, and around me. Life expresses through me in the highest and best ways, and it appears as perfection, harmony, clarity, wholeness, perfect synchronicity, beauty, prosperity, and love. Golden light is in my wake, and I am blessed and a blessing to everyone I encounter.

I am so thankful for all of this, knowing that as I have spoken this Word, it is planted into the Universal Law and is manifesting right now.

I release my Word, knowing it is so, and so it is.