This Constant, Supportive Presence is Eternal Love

This Constant, Supportive Presence is Eternal Love
by Chris Duvall, RScP

On this plane, loss is sometimes inevitable. During these times, I may feel that my good is not with me.  There can be no denial of emotions surrounding loss –sadness, numbness, grief, perhaps self-recrimination, feelings of injustice, fear, or even anger.

But if I choose, this experience can be a context in which I connect deeply to Something sacred which is undeniably for me, for my enlivenment, my enlightenment, my empowerment.  This constant, supportive Presence is Eternal Love, so safe and certain that I may truly be myself — and in that tender truth I may release whatever in my circumstance or character needs to go, that in due time I might arise renewed.

In such times, I find it helpful to balance the human experience by directing thought and vision to spiritual substance.  One of my favorite methods is to string together statements of truth which have power for me, such as these adapted from Emma Curtis Hopkins …

There is good for me, and I ought to have it. My good is Love, Healing, Comfort, Joy, Strength, Peace, Freedom, Abundance, Accomplishment, etc. My good is God and my God is All Present, All Powerful, All Intelligent Truth.  When I gaze steadfastly upon Truth, my awareness of opposition to It dissolves. In faith I realize only Pure Love and Light.  In It I live and move and have my being. I am the substance of Spirt, therefore I am pure love and light.  I will to be in harmony with Spirit in this situation.  Dropping my small self, I pledge to allow Spirit to come forward to do whatever needs to be done through me, making my way easy and my burden light.  As Spirit I will do all that is required to be a blessing in my world.  I know that I can make no mistake, nor fear no mistake or judgement of another — for in Spirit I am the beloved, guided and protected as I evolve into newness of life.

And so it is.