Alicia K. Hanlen, RScP Practitioner Emeritus Taos Center for Spiritual

This Joyful Moment of Gratitude

This Joyful Moment of Gratitude
by Alicia K. Hanlen, RScP
Practitioner Emeritus
Taos Study Group

“The great science to live happily is to live in the present.” — Pythagoras

I recognize that there is One Life, and that Life is my life, right in this moment.  This wondrous Divine Life contains within Itself all of the love, joy, peace, and abundance in the Universe.  Indeed, it contains everything, and it is equally present in all dimensions of time and space.  It is so incredible to contemplate with my human mind, as I do my best to grasp the meaning of this wonder of Life.  So incredible to know that I am one with this Divine Life, and as I unify with it fully, I, too, can possess those qualities of love, joy, peace and abundance – and so much more!

As I realize these truths and expand my awareness to align with them, I see and know for myself, and indeed for every person who reads or hears these words, that I am blessed beyond boundaries with my human existence, even with some of the so-called ups and downs that may occur along the way.  Right here in this precious moment I declare my ever-expanding good, my health, prosperity, purpose, and service to my fellow beings on this planet.

As I just take in the wonder and accept my place in the divine flow of my life, I know that I am truly blessed.  The entirety of my being rests in a state of bliss, pure joy, and supreme gratitude.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, dear sweet Spirit for this joyful moment!  And so I declare with great enthusiasm and vigor – and so it is!