This Life

This Life
by Chris Duvall, RScP

I look to that which is Completely Undisturbed, Absolutely Free, and 100% Present, Powerful and Intelligent within the Unified Field of Being. It is Ever Evolving and Ever Responsive – the Word of Life and the Law of Life on every plane and in every dimension.

As I humble myself before this Life, It rushes unhindered to me. It cleanses me and saturates me with Its Truth and with the Highest Vibration of Its Love, washing away, clearing, and dissolving fear, anger, condemning judgment, and attachment to material condition. There is no evil on my pathway. There is no absence of Good – Beauty, Order, Integrity, and Ingenuity.

I make a complete exchange of my human substance – perspective, thoughts, and feelings – for Thy Perfect Understanding, Undisturbed Presence of Love, and Working Power. With this conscious commitment, I arise into 100% Unity with Thee. I arise into Thy Likeness, into Thy Lightness of Being, into Thy Freedom, Thy Creative Power. In this marriage is a mirroring and mutual service in which I live in perfect trust of Thy willingness and ability to serve the Light-Word which is spoken and radiated through me. Now, I AM Thy way, Thy truth, and Thy life. My word, spoken in alignment with Thee is Thy command.

The Words I speak manifest Goodness for myself and all others: the Goodness of health and strength, peace and prosperity, recognition and high regard; the Goodness that lifts and bridges, heals and reveals; the First Cause that aligns all things to Itself, takes back power and reigns on behalf of Goodness for Its name sake alone.

For this Good now invoked in my life and in the world, I give thanks. I am grateful for the Causal Power of Spirit bringing me, and all, into joyful right relationship. I am grateful that I see, think, speak, and feel the Presence, Power, and Intelligence within, around and between 100% of this day. I release this statement into the inevitability of the Law, declaring it done on earth as it is in heaven. And so it is.