This Moment, I Am

Liza Kerr, RScP

This Moment, I Am
by Liza Kerr, RScP

There is one God, that God is everywhere and all things, always was and always will.  When I think of time, my God simply is, as the past slips into the future making this moment the absolute reality of my existence.  The perfect culmination of events that have happened, and the perfect opportunity to influence events that are to come.  This moment, right here, right now.  God Is.  In this moment I choose to experience God as Love, Peace, Harmony, Abundance, Prosperity and Joy.

I know that the innermost God and the outermost God are one and the same.  There is no separation.  If God is Love, Peace, Harmony, Abundance, Prosperity and Joy, so am I.  God is.  I am.  Like a snowflake falling from the sky, individualized, yet a perfect representation of water, exactly alike, but uniquely different.  If this is true for me it is true for each of you.  No separation between the innermost God and the outermost God.

I affirm and declare that each of you experiences any quality of God that you desire.  I speak my word for you that in this singular moment as you reflect on the quality of God that would bring the most good to you, it is yours for the asking.  As you come into alignment with the innermost God and quietly listen to the voice that’s guiding you, all discord falls away.  This power can only be used for the good.  As this good fills you it radiates out to the world, like a ripple created in a pond – spreading in concentric, ever widening circles.  Change your thinking, change the world.  This can be a time of great anxiety, if you choose.  Choose instead peace, love, and harmony.  Let these qualities of God spread from you, and become the candle that lights the way for others.  Together we are invincible.

I give gratitude for the opportunity of sharing this message with you.  I give gratitude that this prayer has already manifested, and is reaching the exact right people it needs to reach.  I give gratitude knowing that peace, harmony, happiness and joy spread out from me and from each of you, influencing more and more people.  Become the Christ consciousness.  Change the world.

I release my word to the Law of Mind, knowing it cannot come back to me void.  AND SO IT IS!