This Precious Moment

This Precious Moment
by Alicia K. Hanlen
Practitioner Emeritus
Taos Study Group

Dear Spirit, Father-Mother God, I speak now to and from that ultimate Divine Energy from which I emanate.  This Source is the very stuff from which I am constructed – light and love, peace and joy, wisdom and intelligence, fruitful in all things.  What a blessing it is to know this and live from this divine idea!  And so, from the words of Dr. Ernest Holmes, in our consciousness, we strive until “every ‘no’ becomes a ‘yes’, every negation an affirmation, every fear a faith.”

Moment by moment, thought by thought, and deed by deed we make choices for our highest, brightest, and most affirming life style possible.  And isn’t it wonderful to know that through our positive and life-affirming choices, we not only bring our desires into manifestation, but also affect all of humankind.  For we are so ultimately connected, that we can, and indeed do, make a difference in our world through our consciousness.  So in this precious moment, I seek and declare peace in my heart, joy in my encounters with others, and my ability to shine my light through my own presence in the world.

Thank you, dear sweet Spirit, for opening my heart to this moment!  I breathe in and feel the expansion, and the emanation of that Divine Energy through and as me.

With love and gratitude, I release this word into the immutable Law, knowing that it is done, here, now and always.  And so it is indeed!