This Resting Place

This Resting Place
by Rev. Karen Linsley, M.A., Interim Minister

And so I rest in the presence of Peace, of Power, of Light and of Love.  All names for that Thing, that Stuff that Is, as Ernest Holmes calls it.  God.

And in this resting place I know that God moving and living and breathing in and as and through me, a part of me, just as much as I am a part of it.

And so I not only feel that peace, power, light and love, but I AM Peace.  I AM Power.  I AM Light.  And I AM love.  And I am so grateful for that, because as a being embodying peace, power, light and love, I manifest good in my life.  Perfect good health.  Perfect good relationships.  Perfect good living.  And I am grateful.

With that gratitude, I release, knowing that the peace, power, light and love I am feeling goes out into that one consciousness, creating more of the same.  And makes me even more grateful.

And so it is.