Thought Ancestor

Thought Ancestor
by Lovater Jones, RScP

“We know that the Ancestor of every action is a thought.” ~ Emerson’s Essays, Ralph Waldo Emerson  

What a great metaphor for the thing(s) that bring our experiences to life: “Thought Ancestors.”  Thoughts are the beginning of what is certain to appear, and we are reminded that effects are always equal to their causes.

In the Science of Mind text, Holmes writes “thought is an inner movement, which is largely the results of one’s perception of life and his reaction to it.  Every time this movement takes place, it takes place within Mind; upon Cause according to Law.  We are dealing with the same Power that molds the planets and all that is upon them, and the limit of our ability to use this Power is not in Principle but in our understanding of it!”

According to these two Metaphysical geniuses, thought/thinking is not idle musings, but instead, is the use of Law for creative purposes, be it conscious or subconscious.  It is through understanding of thought and how we use it that we bring forth that which we seek to manifest.  It is clear, then, that we must consciously choose our thoughts if it is our intention to create the life we desire to live.  It is all about choice!  Holmes says “we cannot live a choiceless life.”  Therefore, we are choosing every day, all day AND we are using Creative Cause/Mind as we do so. Thus, it stands to reason, that if we are using the same Mind that molds the planets, and we are, what could possibly prevent our thoughts from manifesting?  NOTHING! 

Our affirmation for today is:  I create the world that I choose to live in by thinking thoughts of Love, Peace, Joy, Harmony and Abundance.

“There is One Infinite Principle, One Infinite Thought-Stuff, One Infinite Creative Power, but countless numbers of forms, which change as the idea behind them changes.” ~Ernest S. Holmes, Science of Mind Textbook