Thoughts are Things

Lovater Jones, RScP

Thoughts are Things
by Lovater H. Jones, RScP

“By means of our thoughts are our experiences created.” – Thomas Troward

Thoughts are powerful and creative things.  We have dominion over our life, and have the ability to choose those things we wish to bring into manifestation.  As we consciously think, the subconscious mind takes these thoughts and assuming that you sincerely desire or not these thoughts to take form, automatically goes about bringing them into form. “It [subconscious mind] responds to it [thought] by immediately forming a prototype of it.” You have the creative power to do this – you’re awesome!  “The sole activity of the subjective mind is that of behaving according to the suggestions it is constantly receiving.” Our thoughts!

Our job/role is to be aware of our thoughts, lest we create something we do not want.  Decide to consciously create your life’s experiences.  Remember you have dominion! Get what you want!

“Our part in this process is to carefully select the thoughts to which we devote our attention and time because the will inevitable become our life experience.” – Thomas Troward, The Essence of Troward