Through the Lens of Love

Through the Lens of Love
by Alicia K. Hanlen
Practitioner Emeritus
Taos Study Group – RGCSL

I know it’s true; it’s all because of you. And if I make it through, it’s all because of you. And now and then; if we must start again; well, we will know for sure that I will love you.”  – The Beatles, Now and Then

Sometimes in the mist of Life, we can look both backwards and forwards, and see the entirety of our existence through the lens of love. The totality, the purest essence, the singularity of Love. I think on my beloved, and how I looked, moved, and felt some forty plus years ago. So many experiences, so much joy and even some pain. The growth, the beauty, the truth of it all. I can gaze upon him now, and see the man I spent so much of my life with through the many phases and the many faces. And know that what I see, and what looks back at me, is love.

Thoughts of my dearest and most long-standing friends, spanning fifty decades. Living the memories of laughter, silliness, friendship and camaraderie. And now life brings the inevitable aging, and with it some sorrow and pain. Even so, there is that glimmer from the past, those sparks of fond memories, and the service of compassion as we traverse this last phase of life still together – still rooted in friendship and love.

Reminiscing about my family connection, and my older sister, brings me to a place of great peace. She is the person who has always been a part, a central part, of my life. We have journeyed through this life on so many roads. And when I see her now, I see the beautiful woman that she is now and has always been. Filled with wit, kindness, and compassion. Such a joy to still be in her presence, and see her through the eyes of love.

My heart bursts with gratitude for the experience of the many facets of my life. Always seeing them most fully through the lens of love. Namaste.