by Greg Gardner, RScP

In these precious moments as I watch the sun slip slowly down toward the horizon and dusk begins to silence the furor of the day, I slow my mind.  I still myself.  I think.

Ah, how sweet this day is.

  • The song of the birds outside the window as my consciousness returned this morning
  • The crunch of breakfast toast between my teeth
  • The comfortable purr of my car as I move from home out into the hustle and bustle of my day
  • The smile of friends, colleagues and strangers alike as the sun courses across the sky
  • The momentary distraction of turning my ankle while descending a stair
  • The fatigue as I return to the comfort and safety of home

Ah yes, how sweet this journey is.  It’s a good day.  And just think I get to do it again tomorrow!

And I am so grateful.  Grateful for the creative force that gives me each day to feel the joy of this thing I call life.  How generous that creative force is.  How loving.  How kind and wise.

I am so grateful.

And so it is. Amen