Today, I Am

Today, I Am
by Kathy Mathiason, RScP

Kathy Mathiason, RScP

We are always aware that our spiritual identity is I Am, which is Birthless, Deathless, Changeless, Infinite and Eternal. I Am is Emptiness, No-Thingness, but contains all things. -Ruth Lambek

Spirit knows only this present moment; therefore I know that today I am a complete being.  I do not have to wait until tomorrow or any other day to become complete; I am complete now.  So I know that today is a complete expression and everything I need for my good, right now, is in this day.

Spirit recognizes no future to postpone my good and no past that draws me away from my good. There is only this present moment. I know that I am complete in what I do and think now, in this day is complete. Tomorrow does not bring new opportunities that are not available to me today. This day, this moment is the creative action of my consciousness.

In consciousness, I create what I want to appear in my life because it is in my mental awareness right now. There is no delay or postponement of my good. There is only now. My complete idea of myself cannot be stopped by fear, because I have established in my mind a clear mental image that it is done, my good is established right now as complete. Nothing interferes with my good.

My good comes when I am living in this present moment in this day. I am living where I am now there are no other lives or other forms of expression. I know that whatever comes of the future is the projection of that which I know now. That is what I Am. It is my acceptance of this present moment, today that gives me power. Today is the power and today I stand complete in the recognition of this power. And so it is.