Carol Helms, RScP

Today I See Only Beauty, Only Good

Today I See Only Beauty, Only Good
by Carol S. Helms, RScP

Carol Helms, RScP

I behold the Beautiful and the Pleasant.
My eyes see only that which is beautiful to look upon.
I will not see anything else nor believe in anything else.
I know that beauty has entered into my life, and will always remain there.

                     I see only the beautiful.
~Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind, p. 520.

A few years ago as I left the house to drive to the office, I challenged myself to see only the pleasant faces, and the magic unfolded before my eyes and throughout the day.  Without exception, everywhere I turned I saw the glory and grandeur of a beautiful morning, and every face I saw was pleasant, open and friendly.  This was neither a fluke nor the product of being in a good mood; rather, it was the product of setting an intention the letting that mindset direct my attention and actions.  Upon reflection, it occurred to me that I was meeting my world that day with a pleasant face.  Today I know that what I put out to the world, with rare exception, comes back to me…even in morning rush-hour traffic!  So today I set an intention to see only beauty; to see only the good. Then I watch both unfold.

Prayer to see the pleasant face.

There is One Life; that Life is God’s Life; that Life is Perfect; that Life is perfect Beauty, and perfectly Good.  That Life, that I choose to call God, is all there is, and all there is, is Good, and that One Perfect Life is harmony, peace, joy, freedom, light, love and kindness.  

Today I know I am one with the One Life; made of the fabric of Perfection, Beauty and Good.  Today I remember that is it is unto me as I believe; that it is unto me to use the spiritual tools available to me as an individualized expression of the One Life who created me; that is unto to me to bless instead of blame, to forgive instead of judge; that it is unto me to be that which I am – harmony, peace, joy, freedom, light, love, kindness.  So today I see only the beautiful, only the good!  As I know this is true for me, it is true for all who read, or are in the vibration of this prayer.

It is in this consciousness of God’s beauty and goodness that I affirm, declare, claim and accept the Power and Presence of God in each face I see today.  It is in this space of seeing the world through the eyes of God that I surrender to, praise and feel the sun for what it really is – the breath of God surrounding me on this crisp fall morning.  It is in knowing my oneness with God that all I can feel and be is harmony, peace, joy, freedom, light, love and kindness.

I am so grateful!  Grateful for the Beauty and Good that is always, everywhere present; waiting for me to notice, savor and reflect!  Grateful for the pleasant faces and the blessings each generously contribute to this beautifully good day

And so it is in the Light of the reflection from a pleasant face that I release this prayer knowing that it is already done.  And so it is!