Today is the Only Day

Today is the Only Day
by Marylyn Kirk, RScP

I know that Spirit is the only and ultimate reality. In the eyes of Spirit, every negative condition of the past is swept aside. Spirit doesn’t acknowledge it, and I refuse to see it or think about it. Yesterday is no longer here; tomorrow has not yet come. Today is the only day and this day is my day, bright with hope and filled with promise.

I have absolute confidence in the good, the enduring, and the true. My heart is without fear.  Today I guard my thoughts and the words I speak. I keep my consciousness clear and strong with the realization that there is a spiritual power that I rely upon.

I bring my focus to that divine source which knows no confusion, to that spiritual center which knows no fear. Spirit is not afraid of anything, the divine has no enemies, and spirit knows no opposites. Consciously, I draw close to Spirit, the source of all that is.

I acknowledge all the good in my life. I desire only good for others. I believe in myself because I believe in Spirit. I believe in my destiny because I know that the Law of Good is operating through me. I have confidence in the future. I expect good things to happen to me every day.

I am grateful to know that I am guided and directed by a Source that knows only good. My life flows easily and effortlessly.  I accept that ALL is WELL.

I release these words knowing that God has got it, and I need only accept the bounty of goodness that follows.  I accept the fullness of life this moment. And so it is.