by Liza Kerr, RScP

(This is a rerun from 2013)

This prayer is for my friend Rosemary who made her transition on Friday, and for anyone else that has made their transition and still touches our heart.

God is everywhere and all things.  God is in the first breath that we take when we are born, God is in every breath in between, and God is in the last breath we take when we make our transition.  God is always with us.  At the point of point of transition – whether we are transitioning into this life or onward as part of the immortal journey, the hand of God is there, the touch of God is felt.  As we are transmuted from the life we know into that unknown, we are surrounded by the Love that is God.  The Love that is God is transmuted to all that are at the parting Gate and all that are at the receiving Gate, as one passes off the other receives; smooth, seamless, with loving grace.  We breathe out in one life and take a breath in another, each of us on our eternal journey.  Such is the way of God.  For God is Everlasting Life, Immortality, Everlasting Love, Hope, Wisdom, Warmth, Comfort, Peace, Harmony, and Grace.

Perfect God, Perfect being, perfect man, so it is for me, perfect in all ways.  For I know that I am an individualized personification of God as the One Source.  There is no separation between me and God.  God as me, me as God, I am a perfect part of the perfect whole; like a drop of water from the ocean which contains all of the qualities of the ocean, so too do I contain all of the qualities of God, a small part of the perfection that is God.  There is nothing in me that is not in God, nothing in God that is not in me. Just as this is true for me so is it true for Rosemary.  She is perfection personified.  She exists now as she did before, a creature from God, as God, to God, never separated from God.  Each of us is on our own journey each of us in our own time. 

I speak my Word and my Word is Law that Rosemary has begun the next phase of her journey, the next step of her eternal life.  I know from the bottom of my soul that Rosemary is engulfed in the loving arms of God and thus continues her journey.  Rosemary is freed from her earthly bonds and her physical body and has merely made a transition to a different state of grace.  She is soaring, and liberated and almighty for the wings of God are supporting her, and sustaining her.   I feel in every cell of my body and to the bottom of my heart that Rosemary was welcomed with open arms into the next phase of her journey.  I feel peace, harmony and joy from her, and I know that she is safe and beyond our mortal cares and worries.  May she light the path for each of us that knew her in this life and welcome us when we transition over.   

I give thanks for knowing that Rosemary is continuing her journey, safely, in the arms of God.  I give thanks for knowing Rosemary.  Rosemary was like a Mother to me.  Always there when I needed her, always accepting me for the way I actually am.  No need ever to sugar coat life to Rosemary, she was able to accept me on my own terms, and make me laugh about it.  I give thanks to Rosemary for taking me in when I had nothing, no money, no hope and even less than that, a true lost soul.  At the time she took me in I was living in a tent with my husband and daughter and the only means of transportation we had was totaled in an accident; nothing.  Rosemary gave our family a place to live, and our dignity back by believing in us.  When someone believes in you and gives you hope where there was none, the only thing left is to live up to their expectations; thank you Rosemary (and Ralph, too) for having such high expectations of me.  I will remember you.  I will look for you on the other side.

I release this prayer to the Law of Mind, knowing that it cannot come back to me void, knowing that it has already occurred and I anchor it into place by saying –