Treasuring Up the Excellence of Spirit

Nancy Bowers, RScP

Treasuring Up the Excellence of Spirit
by Nancy Bowers, RScP

I fall to my knees Dear Lord, remembering that I have only to ask for help and it is mine. Therefore in this moment, right here and now, remembering this, I call in the Holy Spirit to do what I cannot. I surrender, knowing that it is not mine to do alone. I invite in willingness to open my heart to what has never truly been missing, except from my awareness, and so I enter the place of the Holy.

There is but One. One Divine Heart, One Deep, Deep Love. One Abiding Peace. Harmony is Spirit. Joy is God. I pause and recognize this Truth. I pause and allow the Eternal Presence that surrounds me and moves through me to shake me into wakefulness. I am swimming in Love. I am treasured by Peace.

This One Life, this Goodness is mine. It is my birthright. It is my inheritance and it is mine NOW. Right here, right now, I treasure it up into my heart. I allow the sweetness of It to kiss me awake. God is my constant companion, my everlasting guide. I am shadowed with the Light of Extraordinary Beauty. I am cradled in the Bliss of Heaven. I receive what I am. I allow the blinders of my truth to fall away from my eyes. I let God lead me. Willingly I follow where I am instructed to go, for I know that I am loved and I trust that I am ever-cared for. I allow this knowledge to burst forth fully into my consciousness, and I allow it to spill over to my awareness of you. Yes you! For you too are the Divine’s darling. You too are all that God is.

So I call this forth: lasting treasure, enduring peace. May it circle around you constantly. May it dance through your life. In each moment, may your eyes be eyes that see as God sees; that notices rampant love flowing through your days, through your relationships, through your work and your play. I call this forth for you. I affirm that the nectar of Spirit colors all your interactions. That the goodness of the Divine permeates each word you speak and each word you hear. May Love be ever with you. May you treasure it up in your heart. May the breadth of it be so immense that you infect everyone you encounter with that goodness. Let yourself marinate in it. Feel how wild the excellence of it is.

Then give thanks, as I give thanks to return to the place where I remember God. Let the gratitude that is naturally birthed in Its presence stream from your heart unchecked. Let the fierce Grace of Spirit engorge your heart. Give thanks. Give thanks.

Then let it flow. Allow the natural increase of Love to spread as it is released. Let go, as I let go and say And So It Is. Amen.